Welcome to Schaper Automotive


Our service portfolio:

-increase in performance through subsequent turbo- or supercharging on gasoline engines
-increase in performance and consumption optimisations of existing systems
-free advice and feasibility analysis (even on the vehicle itself)
-engine rebuild and several automotive works
-engine control and automotive electronics
-individual development and production of special solutions for automotive applications:
     -charge air route systems
     -cooling and lubrication solutions
     -exhaust gas systems
     -engine transmission
     -electrics and electronics


Competent partner enable us to:

-2D and 3D CAD constructions
-design assessments including flow simulations, thermal analysis and material controls
-modern production techniques like CNC, FlowJet etc.
-engine rebuild of all manufacturers
-metal-working (welding, machining etc.)
-body and varnishing work
-chassis and brake optimization especially in the range of racing


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